The Nugget Factory

One of the last remaining examples of Industrial Heritage in the WEST. 

Support the Nomination to Heritage Council for State Registration


VCAT has determined the Nugget Factory c1888 can be demolished but there is still a chance of protecting this heritage building if the Victorian Heritage Council decides to place it on the Victorian State Register.

VCAT decision 25 July 2014

VCAT decision to approve demolition of Nugget Factory.pdf

Members of Save Williamstown and local residents - Val Green and Rennis Witham - have nominated the Nugget Factory to Heritage Council.  The application can be viewed here

It was hoped that Hobsons Bay Council would continue with their nomination
but disappointingly Council decided withdraw their application. It was prepared as an Amendment to the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme in 2012 Citation for HO317.pdf

In response to the nomination the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria was required to make a recommendation.  He has recommended against listing on the Heritage Register

Download the Executive Director’s Report in pdf format

The next stage is for the community to make submissions to Heritage Council as to why the recommendation is in error.   If enough submissions are received then the Heritage Council will hold a hearing otherwise the matter will be considered based on submitted paperwork.


18th November 2014

The procedures of Heritage Council under the Heritage Act 1995 are explained on this site

It is important that you comply with Protocol 2 as detailed on this website.

Further explanations are available on this website

The essential points in making a submission that it is suggested be included are:

  1. Reasons why the Nugget Factory is of State significance - using Heritage Council Criteria A to H

  2. The rarity of the Nugget Factory: it is one of the few  and maybe the only remaining 19th Century industrial buildings in the area;  It is also one of the few examples of the ‘noxious’ trades extant in the 19th Century; they still exist but have now largely been situated in the outer areas of Melbourne, rather than the inner areas;

  3. The Nugget Factory has original connections to the maritime life of the State as a laundry servicing the ships of P & O: these played a huge part in immigration to the new colony;

  4. The Nugget Factory has a long history of industrial enterprise from 1888 to 1976: (laundry, soap factory, chemical factory, polish factory) but it has since then been used by BAE as a training area, and is still used currently as a boat yard and for sail making. 

  5. The Nugget Factory building is an example of the changing nature of industry in Victoria: the change from an elaborately embellished building of the late 1880s to the plain fifties style of the current building is indicative of this change.  

  6. In Williamstown there is only one Heritage listing of the Alfred Graving Dock which has an industrial / manufacturing connection; 

  7. The comparisons given by the Executive Director are not the only possible ones (give reasons, show how the Nugget Factory is different to those comparisons which are cited);

  8. The Nugget Factory is an example of the way that women were able to own property at that time (Mrs Eliza Black was a wealthy woman in her own right) and how the Nugget Polish factory employed many women in its operations after 1908:

  9. The Nugget Factory was also very advanced in the way that it provided amenities for its employees;

  10. It was indicative of the influence of British capital on the development of industry in the State of Victoria; 

  11. Your personal opinions.

Other reports to consider

BIOSIS Report by Gary Vines as Council’s expert in the Stage 2 VCAT hearing.

17258Nugget Factoryreviewed15 11 13.pdf

Gary Vines has agreed to help the nominators with expert advice at any hearing.

Closing Date for Community Submissions to 
Victorian Heritage Council 
Re: Saving the Nugget Factory
18th November 2014
Submission to Victorian Heritage Council
re Former Nugget Factory 
SEND IN BY 18th November 20142014_NUGGET_Heritage_files/Form%20VHC%20objection.pdf