The Former Oriental Hotel Building 

started as Benjamin Skelton’s dwelling in c.1850

A Pre-Separation Early Victorian Regency Building and Unique in the State


Documents supporting the heritage of the Oriental and considered by Executive Director Heritage Victoria:

  1. Initial Application July 2013 Nomination Oriental Hotel

  2. Heritage Report 2012 Alves council hertiage report Oriental Hotel.pdf

  3. Supplementary Information about STATE significance October 2013 Oriental Hotel further Information

  4. Brian Haynes report Full History of the Oriental Hotel

  5. Appendices to Supplementary Information Appendices to HV nomination

  6. Structural report for reconstruction methods February 2014 Condition report by Klopfer Dobos

Save Williamstown Detailed Submission on the 7th July 2014 with research references can be viewed here

Hobsons Bay Council supported protecting the Oriental

Original and Supplementary nomination documents supplied to Heritage Victoria for Victorian Heritage Register

Link to Heritage Victoria Executive Director Recommendation

The link to the Heritage Victoria Executive Director Recommendation is no longer live on the government website - direct download of report HERE

VCAT Decision ignored application to Heritage Victoria for listing The Oriental on the State Register and sanctioned demolition

VCAT Decision on Stage1a.pdf

All Save Williamstown nomination and submission documents can be viewed below PLUS for the latest detailed submission 7 July 2014 Click here

The Presentation by Save Williamstown at the hearing 4-5 August 2014 as a slide show is available here

NEW HERITAGE FACTS found in the State Library & PROV 
May and June 2014 were presented to VHC Presentation_Oriental_VHC.html

Although the panel members of the VHC, the Executive Director HV and HBC Structural Engineers had not been given access to the building in July 2014 Heritage Adviser (expert fro the Developer) has entered the building and taken photographs of its current state.  These photos show interesting features which indicate the very early origins and show: convict bricks (Figure 8); the original flat roof structure remaining under the pitch roof (Figure 21); the narrow staircase not typical of a hotel (Figures 11 & 17); the fancy architraves of the residential rooms on the 1st Floor (Figures 13 & 14) and the construction beams which are present on all three levels and a method not seen in any other buildings  by Peter Lovell (Figure 23). See this document Lovell photos.pdf as presented to VHC hearing in August.

The Nomination by Save Williamstown could not have been completed

without the valuable research by Brian Haynes.

Local Historian Brian Haynes research reveals an interesting and

significant history of the old hotel known as the Oriental Building on the

corner of Ann St and Nelson Place.


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The formal process.....

Developer EVOLVE submitted plans to demolish the Oriental & construct 51 apartments in 5 storey building on site (2012)
Hobsons Bay Council Special Planning Committee rejected the application to demolish and asked the developer to adaptively reuse as per planning scheme (2012)
VCAT ordered Hobsons Bay Council to issue Demolition Permit 10th December 2013  see clauses 197 to 225 
July 2013 Save Williamstown NOMINATED the Oriental for State Heritage Register - accepted for nomination October 2013
Executive Director Heritage Victoria recommended against listing in SHR
April 2014 - over 50 submissions received from the Save Williamstown Community 
VHC (Victorian Heritage Council) decided to hear the case in August 2014
Save Williamstown and community members presented the case for the Oriental having been built c 1850/1851 making it the ONLY three storey building of any type Pre Separation of Victoria from NSW and Pre Gold Rush - a unique building
VHC decision after 16 weeks deliberation on 31st October 2014 - 1 working day before the Government went into Caretaker Mode.... REJECT NOMINATION

PROTECT THE OLDEST THREE STOREY BUILDING IN VICTORIA2014_Oriental_Heritage_files/DecisionStage1a_1.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0

Save Williamstown
nominated the 
Oriental Hotel 
for State Heritage Register2014_Oriental_Heritage_files/Oriental%20unlisted.pdf

Victorian Heritage Council rejected the nomination for the 
State Heritage Register

 HC decision Oriental.pdf2014_Oriental_Heritage_files/HC%20decision%20Oriental.pdf2014_Oriental_Heritage_files/HC%20decision%20Oriental_1.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0