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ND Development Submissions 7th July 2014

1. Initital Submissions Finanzio/Walker for Nelson Place Village July 2014 Owner submit.pdf

2. Peter Lovell Witness Statement Lovell Statement July 2014.pdf

2.1  Chen Lovell report to VCAT June 2013 Lovell report 2013.pdf

and appendices: Appendix A.pdf  Appendix B.pdf  Appendix C HB Planning Scheme.pdf   DDO.pdf

3.  Bryce Raworth Witness Statement July 2014 Raworth Statement July 2014.pdf

3.1  Raworth Panel Submission 2003 Raworth C34 2003 report.pdf

3.2  Raworth report to VCAT June 2013 Statement of Mr Raworth.pdf

4. Mark Sheldon Witness Statement July 2014 Sheldon Statement July 2014.pdf

4.1 Aurecon Structural Report to VCAT June 2013 Statement of Mr Sheldon.pdf

5 Transcript not available - 1 day Helen Lardner out of 2 day appearance

6 Transcript not available - Michael Taylor

  1. 7.VCAT decision on Lot 2 January 2014 (Correction) can be downloaded at:


The Executive Director of Heritage Victoria on the basis of the 53 objectors submissions in April still continues to NOT recommend listing in the State Heritage Register - see his report of 7th July 2014

  Executive Director HV Submission update 7/7/2014


The Nomination by Save Williamstown could not have been completed without the valuable research by Brian Haynes.  Save Williamstown would also like to thank D Small, R Coghill, V Coghill, N Roberts, C Yeats, S Orange and C Gaud and many others who have helped with research

Local Historian Brian Haynes research reveals an interesting and significant history of the old hotel known as the Oriental Hotel on the corner of Ann St and Nelson Place.