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Short Summary of Issues to date

What the developers want on the Williamstown Pt Gellibrand Peninsula near the Timeball Tower:

  1. 816 dwellings & up to 2000 new residents on 2.7 hectares

  2. 20% increase in Williamstown Population.

  3. Three High Rise Towers up to 50 or 60m high (20 storeys or MORE?)

  4. Demolish 1850-51 Pre SeperationHeritage Oriental building cnr Nelson Place & Ann St

  5. Demolish the heritage Nugget Factory on Kanowna St

  6. Twice as many dwellings as the Minister’s Port Phillip Woollen Mill Advisory Committee considered

  7. Residential buildings in the Worksafe Advisory Area

and why it is wrong for Williamstown:

  1. Destroys Heritage

  2. Too close to the Shipyards

  3. Too close to Mobil MHF(includes feeder arms on jetty, pipelines & tank farm with tanks up to 40m diameter) and Hydrocarbon Fuel Importation Ships flagged overseas

  4. Destroys nationally significant jobs

  5. Overwhelms schools, child care and community services

  6. Makes Williamstown less FAMILY FRIENDLY

  7. Overburdens Roads and Traffic

  8. Tourists will be squeezed out of the peninsula

  9. Former Liberal Planning Minister Matthew Guy said “COUNCIL WILL DECIDE THESE APPLICATIONS” what a fib - eveything went to VCAT

See Issues

MAY 2015 PLANNING MINISTER RICHARD WYNN ANNOUNCES NEW PLANNING SCHEME AMENDMENT with MANDATORY Height limits as recommended by the Advisory Committee, Emergency Management and Coastal Hazard Assessments

VCAT Decisions to date

Current Applications and recent decisions

Demolition of the Woollen Mills without the archaeological records required by VCAT. Hobsons Bay Council changed VCAT ruling to allowed deep excavation.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan refused by VCAT, ignoring heritage in place of first settlement.

STAGE 1A plans approved by VCAT Dec 2013

Corner of Ann St and Nelson Place -
Lots 1, 2 and 3

  1. Developer permitted to demolish Oriental Hotel 1850 (oldest three storey building in Victoria - Pre Separation from Colony of NSW)

  2. Approval for 142 dwellings on 3 house blocks up to 7 storeys high

STAGE 2 - plans approved by VCAT July 2014
between Kanowna, Cecil, Aitken and Windsor Terrace inc. Nugget Factory

Lots 10, 11 and 12

  1. Developer seeks to demolish heritage Nugget Factory c1888

  2. Build up to 169 dwellings

  3. Build townhouses for families in an area which Worksafe advises against because it is too close the Mobil MHF includes fuel importation - residents could not organise and respond to an emergency

  4. Building height 36m 9 Storey high rise residential tower with glass balconies

  5. Mobil told Council’s Special Planning Committee this site is unsuitable for high rise residential towers. In the event of a boilover at the crude oil tanks, catastrophic shards of glass could rain down on existing residences glass in the high rise tower.

  6. VCAT sat 4 weeks of February 2014 & 1 week in May 2014 to hear this case

STAGE 3 - future plans - may include 2 residential towers up to 60m high

Heritage Council Decisions to date

Current Applications and recent decisions

ORIENTAL corner Nelson Place & Ann St 1850-51 Building - Pre Separation of Victoria from NSW (July 1851), Pre Gold Rush(September 1851)  and UNIQUE the oldest Three Storey building in the state - residential or hotel

- nomination to State Heritage Register by Save Williamstown

supported by Hobsons Bay Council

Executive Director of Heritage Victoria and the developer objected to listing

NUGGET Factory Kanowna St, Williamstown

- nominated to Heritage Council for State Register by Val Green and Rennis Witham (members of Save Williamstown).

Closing date for submissions against the recommendation against listing by the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria.  If sufficient submissions then a hearing of the Heritage Council will determine the results of the nomination probably early 2015

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See the presentation on 4  August 2014 
re Save Williamstown’s application to list 
the ORIENTAL on the Victorian Heritage Register
to Heritage Council (slideshow)


Port Phillip Woollen Mills Advisory Committee
& the DDO