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This is the BEST way to let Planning Minister Matthew Guy know that the community is not happy about being excluded from the rezoning decision. We wrote submissions into the Minister’s Advisory Committee and appeared at the public hearings that the previous minister Justin Madden set up to consider the appropriate planning controls for the site.  The Advisory Committee will consider “form and appropriateness of any planning and urban design framework for the subject land, including any proposed planning scheme amendments”.  The terms of reference included written submissions from third parties.  Save Williamstown and WNSRA (Williamstown Newport Spotswood Residents Assoc.) were listed as groups which will be heard.

Previously, Council’s decided not to proceed to advertising and requested the developer resubmit more appropriate plans. This was circumvented by the minister’s actions in March 2010.  However once the minister has determined the Design and Development Overlay for the site on the advice of his committee, the planning application will again need to be considered by Hobsons Bay City Council. 

The minutes of the COUNCIL MEETING ON  1 DECEMBER 2009 provide details of the Council decisions on the Former Port Phillip Woollen Mill Site prior to the zoning and planning scheme overlay being called in by the minister.  Item 8.1.2

  1. BulletLetters to Hobsons Bay City Council Councillors Contact details for 2011 Mayor and Councillors

  1. BulletPetition to the Victorian State Parliament
    3064 Signatures on the Petition were presented to Wade Noonan MP on 24 July 2009. Councillor Angela Altair of Hobsons Bay City Council was also present.

  1. Hobsons Bay Council met on 4 August 2009 and a copy of the petition was presented by Councillor Angela Altair.  Members of Save WIlliamstown were there to support Council in retaining its right to consider the application Amendment C75 which will include community consultation


  1. BulletLetters to State Politicians - we have included a pro-forma letter but your own ideas are useful to politicians

  2. BulletList of Politicians and Ministers - download  Also see the List of of the Premier and Ministers 2011 with contact detailsALP members of state parliament and contact details and Green members of state paliament and contact details

    - view the response from Justin Madden’s Office -  download

  1. view a response 2009 from Wade Noonan about the development  - 


  1. BulletOther Politicians list - Australian Government  Contact details of Commonwealth Government Ministers  People to contact - PM Julia Gillard, Health Minister Nicola Roxon, Communications Minister and Senator Victoria Stephen Conroy, Defence Minister Stephen Smith, Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson, & Greg Combet Energy Efficiency


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Update: 3 August 2009