State Planning Law: Melbourne 2030 & Melbourne @ 5 million

Melbourne 2030 and Melbourne @ 5 Million refer to high density in Activity Centres but Williamstown is not one of the referenced Activity Centres and the proposed development is not close to the shopping area.
  Defining this development as close to an activity centre would make the whole of Williamstown vulnerable to high rise development which is completely contrary to the existing planning overlay.

Also if we compare Hobsons Bay City Council municipality with other municipalities, our place in the West makes a strong contribution to industry both citywide and statewide.  The suburbs of Williamstown, Newport, Spotswood, Altona and Laverton are not JUST residential but have much land devoted to the industrial prosperity of the state and the nation.  Therefore it is unreasonable to impose huge residential development when our municipality is essentially contributing with industry and jobs.  For this reason it is imperative that misplaced residential development does not drive out industrial uses of our suburbs.  Williamstown has an important shipbuilding zone which has many natural advantages in its location and should not be undermined by inappropriate residential development.   The shipyards are not just industry but they are “heritage” industry and have been in this location since the mid 19th Century. Also they are expanding and handling some of the biggest shipbuilding contracts in Australia.  BUT their new buildings respect the height limits of Williamstown’s heritage overlays.

Melbourne 5 Million should not be just about residence but also about job creation for that population increase.

Further information can be read about the State Planning Process: A Short Guide published by the Department of Planning and Community Development

We will need experienced town planners or lawyers with planning experience to help us formulate our case against this development. 

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