Public Transport Overload


Expanding population in all western suburbs has seen huge increases in the number of commuters by train.  Passengers starting in Williamstown and Newport are “late” arrivals on the train network and experience more overcrowding than those from suburbs further out of Melbourne.  Capacity constraints are becoming more evident.

Williamstown, although only 7 km from the CBD,  is NOT well served by public transport to the city compared with other Major or Principle Activity Centres. 

  1. There are NO buses to the CBD,

  2. There are NO Trams to the CBD

  3. Bicycles are not allowed over the Westgate Bridge and

  4. The PUNT across the Yarra is weekends only. 

There is a train service - a branch line to Newport and then to the City but not around the City Loop. The first train on a weekday is at 5am and the last train at just after midnight.  In the morning rush hour there is a train every 20 minutes.  Is it any wonder that so many residents make their journey to work by car.

Early Morning trains, Rush hour trains, Last trains at night

We will need experienced public transport analysts to assist with our response to the impact on public transport and existing residents access to these services.

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In 2008 Hobsons Bay City Council prepared a Submission to the Eddington Inquiry.  This can be downloaded: East-West%20Submission%20City%20of%20Hobsons%20Bay.pdf


We need help with analysing the impact on public transport...

Update: 6 August 2009