Overcrowded Schools, Pre Schools & Kindergartens


Many of Williamstown’s schools are restricting intake to particular streets within the postcode.  Demographic analysis and educational planning relate to the needs for educational places which occur with increased populations.  Classically when Williamstown’s Rifle Range estate was built in the early 90s there was an assumption that the housing would be occupied by DINKs (Double Income No Kids). That assumption proved to be wrong and the large number of families who have moved not only into the  Riffle Rnage but also the other new developments in Williamstown has seen a huge increase in all school aged children and below fives.  New houses with 3 bedrooms and more have been ‘springing’ up in Williamstown in both new developments and infill development for 2 decades and increasing the school age population significantly.  The recently approved residential developments at the old flour mill site  Newport and in Spotswood are further impacting on the school age population in the area.  A future expansion of the population with high rise apartments in the area could also bring a further influx of children with no plans in process for new schools or kindergartens in Williamstown.

We will need experienced educational planners to help us argue about the impact of new apartments on educational demand. 

See - Article in The Age 13 June 2010  Critical Shortage of Inner City Schools

In August 2009 the Developer has submitted additional information, comments in The Advertiser on 18 August about the impact on schools and pre-schools notes the following:

  1. “....An assessment of social impact, completed by Urbis, stated the 10 child-care centres near the site should be able to cater for additional demand.

  2. "However, there is only one long-day-care centre located in very close proximity to the Nelson Place Village - the Williamstown Childcare Centre," the report said.

  3. "A telephone conversation conducted with a representative of this centre indicated that the centre is running at capacity and could not accommodate additional demand. Notwithstanding, a new 80-place, long-day-care centre is proposed for a site immediately adjacent the existing centre."

  4. The report added that schools in the study area were operating at or close to capacity, particularly those in Williamstown.

  5. "However, there is a significant capacity within schools located in Williamstown North and Newport," it said.

  6. "... if the Nelson Place Village development proceeds, some families who live in the Williamstown North and Newport areas whose preference is to have their children attend school in Williamstown, may be required to seek a educational place in the Newport area.....”

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