Williamstown as venue for Film Making


The historical buildings and small country town atmosphere of Williamstown is a primary reason for many  film producers choosing it as a location for film making.  Williamstown’s proximity to the city’s film studios is also a great advantage.  Recently the state government has set up studios to encourage film production in Victoria.   This is huge growth industry.  It is important that Williamstown remains a viable location for film and television.

“....Hobsons Bay Council issues about 50 film permits a year, worth over $15,000 to the city’s coffers. Rush location manager Peter Muston said Hobsons Bay’s mix of lavish homes and industrial areas made it a popular choice for Melbourne-based TV shows..... “ (Hobsons Bay Leader 24 June 2009)

See Local productions boost Vic film industry ABC Report
“.... Victoria's film and television industry is booming and it is not Hollywood bringing the work, but home grown productions...”

We will need film and television producers to provide statements about the importance of Williamstown retaining its historic “feel”. 

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We need help with the impact on filming location......