Defence Contracts at the Shipyards


The recent announcement of expansion of shipbuilding with new contracts indicates that the shipbuilding and maritime industries remain very important to Williamstown. 

2010 expansion at Williamstown Shipyards

The ability of BAE Systems to apply for defence contracts could be severely compromised by buildings 46.5 metres high residential towers overlooking the shipyards. Also residents of those towers could seek noise and lighting controls over the shipyard activities in the same way that Garden Island activities have been curtailed in Sydney in consultations with residents of new dwellings at Potts Point - see Community Consultation and Communications Report  
More information about Garden Island responses to the neighbouring Community is available at

Garden Island compromised by nearby residential development

Not only are Australian government tenders likely to be impacted but overseas governments’ contracts also which are a source of export income. 

From The Advertiser 2nd September 2009

.....Mr Bracks said legislation protected the viability of BAE Systems' military operations. Objectors fear the future of Australia's biggest defence contractor, which employs 400 people at its Williamstown shipyard, could be threatened by encroaching residential development and the prying eyes of neighbours.

"They are under legislation already and have a planning ordinance which requires that purpose for that use; that's already the case and I assume that will be maintained," Mr Bracks said.”

We need to write to the Defence Minister and the Minister for Trade pointing out the potential for such tenders being compromised if residential high rise is allowed adjacent to the shipyards. 

We also need assistance from those with experience of defence contracts to add community voice to any objections which BAE Systems may raise to the proposed development.

Please email

Write to:

Prime Minister
The Hon Kevin Rudd, MP

Minister for Defence
Senator the Hon John Faulkner

Minister for Trade
The Hon Simon Crean, MP


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