Planning Precedents Impact on Williamstown, Newport and neighbouring suburbs


If Hobsons Bay City Council or the Minister approve the development application, it seems that there is the danger that a precedent could be set for much of the western side of the mouth of the Yarra.  Williamstown, Newport and Spotswood with their proximity ot the CBD of Melbourne could all be targetted by developers for High RIse Development.  New developments could be even higher than the proposed 46.5 metres and could effectively change the whole area with the introduction of true high density housing as envisaged in Melbourne @ 5 Million.

The Gold Coast of Victoria!
Shadowing the Coastal Heritage Park.

We will need experienced town planners or lawyers to help us argue against planning precedents. 

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The Williamstown community has already experienced rapid changes and the attraction for Developers to “move” into a suburb when the planning overlays change.  In 2002 a Planning Panel reviewed the height limit in Williamstown Heritage area which was then 2 storeys and despite public meetings where residents preferred to retain existing heights, the planning scheme was amended to allow up to 3 storeys along The Strand and in the Retail areas of Williamstown. In just 5 years housing on The Strand has changed beyond recognition with about 40% of existing housing (including heritage houses) demolished making way for 3 storey large houses.  It is questionable whether the change to 3 storey has actually done anything for increasing the number of residents per hectare.


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